Package org.naftulin.configmgr.parsers

Interface Summary
ConfigEntryParser Configuration entry parser converts configuration record into configuration management enttry.
ExternalRecordAdapter Interface that enables to brige an external configuration to be used with configuration managment engine.

Class Summary
AbstractConfigEntryParser Common configuration entry parser class.
AbstractLog4JParser Log4J entry parser converts log4j configuration record into configuration management enttry.
ConfigurationRecordsToEntriesConverter Converts records that were parsed from the configuration file into configuration entries.
ExternalConfigurationParserImpl Invokes external record adapter with parameters specified in configuration record.
Log4JDomParserImpl Initilizes log4j engine by using DOM log4j initializer.
Log4JPropertiesParserImpl Initilizes log4j engine by using propertes log4j initializer.
MasterRecordParser Parses master configuration file to create a configuration entry.
PropertyFileParserImpl Configuration entry parser converts property configuration record into property configuration management enttry.
XmlFileParserImpl Configuration entry parser converts xml configuration record into supplied class instance configuration management entry.

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